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Rent a castle

I think I'm going to rent a chateau with my family this summer. I have had som plans for a while of doing it but I don't know what the others think about this idea. But I think that it would be a great experience! Just think of having a big castle all to yourself! I'm going to ask the rest of my family and see what they think of it. If they like the idea I'm going to book a trip there as soon as possible!


Some DIY things are very nice to do. But they are different for most people. My husband likes to do the rough things, like when he had to do a thing to the house he had made a hole in the wall at the correct position, so we could look into the living room from the kitchen and vice versa. But he doesn't like the surface finishing jobs, like sanding and painting. No problem, because that is where I come in. I actually enjoy finishing such jobs, because that can really make the difference in how the end product ...